Whenever the term web development pops up there has always been the following comparison; full-stack development vs mean-stack development?

Web developers around the globe always get into a discussion about this topic. But before jumping directly to which one is perfect, you should first know what is full-stack and mean stack development?

What is Full-Stack Development?

Full-stack development includes both front-end as well as back-end development. What’s more, in the easiest words, the full stack developer is an individual who can really deal with the front-end as well as the backend of a site.

Picking the right technology stack for web app development is profoundly fundamental and that is where a Full-stack can be truly helpful.

The full-stack developers have aptitude in the programming languages as well as the frameworks in view of the languages.

In this way, we can say that the full-stack developers have more information on project handling and web development than the mean-stack developers.

What is MEAN-Stack Development?

Mean stack essentially is a changed rendition of the Full-stack web development and contrary to the full stack, the mean stack basically concentrates on MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node JS.

With magnified development support and the current designing culture, the mean stack developers can be treated with more modern and more substantial web designing than the full-stack developers.

The mean stack development can be viewed as a part of full-stack development as the need might arise to focus on specific databases and scripts.

This makes the mean stack developers more specific to web developers than the full-stack developers.

Which Can Be the Perfect Choice for Your Project: Full-Stack Vs MEAN Stack

Choosing the right stack is not an easy thing to decide on. It demands the investment of a huge amount of time and effort to direct thorough research on the current development market situations.

As the innovations advance at a critical speed, it likewise raises the user requirements and expectations. There are hundreds of web and app development companies that can provide both services delivering outstanding results.

In any case, picking the right one for your web development project requirements can be troublesome work.

So, here are the important pointers that will help you in reaching the conclusion of a never ending debate, i.e., full-stack development vs mean-stack development.

1.   Front-End Development

The first thing is to compare the front-end of both stacks. However, both development stacks can deliver the best outcomes as the innovations utilized in the two angles are unique, you ought to pick the ideal one as per your necessities.

If your web development requirements demand trendy and robust front-end development then mean stack can be the perfect choice for that.

As a more compelling front-end system, AngularJS offers various amazing features and functionalities to code all the more conventionally and the capacity to perform in any kind of simple to complex web development project requirements.

The framework not just offers a dependable method for coding the various functionalities; however, the open-source community provides legitimate assistance to perform the complex task with ease as well.

In all, if you were looking for a better-designed front end and more control over the project, you should opt for the mean stack developers.

If we put it in a line, if you want an extraordinary front-end design and more command over the task, you should definitely choose the mean stack development over here.

2.   Back-End Development

For backend development, the skills of the developers matter more than anything else. The skills and ability of the web developers to implement the logic and structure for backend functionalities to the front-end action affect the backend development.

Fullstack development demands a better understanding of coding abilities than system preferences.

So, with superior knowledge of the development tools, technologies and programming language, the full stack developers can provide better results when it comes to backend development.

When it comes to back-end development, full-stack development can be the ideal choice.


If we take a look at the above comparison, it is still hard to identify which one can be the perfect choice for your web development requirements. The other thing that can help us pick the perfect stack is the frameworks.

Mean stack can provide outstanding outcomes using some of the frameworks while full-stack development can utilize any framework to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Even with all these details, the final decision relies upon your development project requirements. The final development requirements can help you choose the best suitable stack. You can take guidance from a web app development company.

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