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Innovation-driven software house (MOBILE, AR & XR)

4.9 (0 Reviews)

Nomtek has been delivering successful digital products since 2009, with a vision to establish a solution for startups and established companies. Further, the company is also driven by the move to deliver more customers and investors to their clients with the provided solution. Nomteck is flexible and creative with its unique approach to problems, and its team of experts continuously explores the new technologies established in the market.

Top clients: PONS,,, Switch & Co

Employees: 50 - 249

Hourly Rates: $50-$99

Min. Project amount: $50,000+

Country: Poland

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AppFirmsReview has listed the top mobile app design and development companies in the USA based on their reviews and ratings. The platform has curated extensive details regarding the best companies in the USA consisting of product lists, portfolios, client testimonials, years of experience, domains of expertise, etc. We have combined research on the company’s list and presented the report to let you help hire the best app development companies in USA.

The estimated amount of hiring an app developer in the USA is here:

  • Basic/Intermediate iOS Developer $45-75+
  • Basic/Intermediate Android Developer $35-60+
  • XAMARIN Developer $20-50+
  • PhoneGap Developer $16-55+

Java. Since its inception, Java has been the language of choice for mobile app development centered around Google’s Android platform.

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