Speaking about the popularity and vast-approachability for cross-platform app development, business’ inclination is increasing towards it’s adoption for their next app development solution. Gone are the days when apps for developed either for android or for iOS. Today, both platforms are used extensively. A survey shows that almost 47% of mobile users use Apple phones. So, creating apps for both platforms is very important for businesses. However, a company that does not have the resources may be reluctant to develop apps for both platforms. It involves hiring two different teams and the challenge of aligning UI across the two platforms.

Therefore, businesses with financial restraints cannot afford to develop apps for iOS and Android. Here is some good news for them. They can go for cross-platform app development, especially, React Native app development. What is cross-platform app development? Why should you go for React Native app development instead of others? Let’s dig in.

What is cross-platform app development?

As the name suggests, cross-platform development refers to the approach that allows developers to build a mobile app simultaneously for all operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. While the codes of native apps can be used only for one platform, the codes of cross-platform apps can be shared with others. The cost is relatively low because of code-sharing and code-reusability. Moreover, cross-platform apps are high-performing. Initially, cross-platform development was used only for building simple apps with limited features.

However, with the help of fast-improving technology, it has become more powerful and flexible. So, it is clear that cross-platform app development refers to the creation of codes that are compatible with all types of operating systems.

Why is cross-platform app development beneficial?

More reach

An app for multiple platforms is definitely better than an app for a single platform because it reaches more people. Broad market reach is very important in this competitive world. When your app reaches more users, the chances of increased revenue are more. Moreover, it also helps to enhance your market presence and boost your brand engagement.


Cross-platform app development does not need multiple teams of experts who are all generally paid on an hourly basis. A single team with fewer members is definitely less expensive than multiple teams with more members. Moreover, time saved is always equal to cost-saving.

Data collection and analysis

Data rules the market these days. Apps help not only in data collection but also enable data analysis through feedback. When you launch a cross-platform app, you get access to more data in a short time.

Reusability of code

When you developing react native app, there are many repetitive steps that are common. Reusing codes helps to save time, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. The majority of the codes can be used for multiple platforms and this is definitely a big plus.

Fast development

Reusability of code and a single code base ensures speed of development. In the competitive business world, faster development will definitely give an edge over the competitors. Decreased marketing time is one of the main benefits.

Brand recognition and consistency

When you build apps simultaneously for multiple platforms, you can make sure the apps have the same look and give the same feel across all platforms. This will help in building a brand image that will boost the reliability and authenticity of your business.

Why is React Native perfect for cross-platform development?

React Native app development is ideal for cross-platform development because it ensures optimal performance at a reduced cost. Additionally, there are many more reasons that make React Native perfect. What are they?

  • It uses native components from the API. So it gives the feel of a native app to the users.
  • React Native gives more stability to your app.
  • The framework enables analytical coding. So, you can be sure that the code comes out clean.
  • When compared to other frameworks, it has a better modular architecture.
  • It provides many pre-loaded elements. So, the developers can build apps easily.
  • Moreover, it guarantees optimal performance.
  • Its flexible nature also makes it a perfect option for cross-platform development.

What are the benefits of React Native app development?


Cross-platform compatibility

Being a cross-platform framework, it enjoys all benefits of cross-platform app development.

Hot reloading

This is one of the unique features of React Native. This feature allows the developer to refresh the app at all stages of development. The app reloads automatically whenever changes are made. This helps in instant bug-fixing. Moreover, it also enables the users to get updated data.


Uniform code, fewer developers, less time-consuming, faster marketing, easier debugging, and reusability of codes helps in saving cost. Cost-saving is important for all companies from startups to corporates.

Easy to learn

Some frameworks operate in unfamiliar languages whereas React Native is based on JavaScript, a familiar language. So, there is no need for the developers to learn another new language because most of them know JavaScript. Hence, React Native is easier to learn for the developers.

Community support

It has the maximum community support when compared to other frameworks because it was developed by Facebook. Moreover, it is also supported by many popular companies. So, you are assured of massive community support. Moreover, massive support means the framework is growing and will keep on growing.

Third-party plugin

React Native provides a third-party plugin including JavaScript modules and Native modules.

Pre-built components

There are many pre-built components present in React Native. A code written by a developer earlier can be used free of cost and can be deployed in your app. This increases the speed of development.

Rich UI

Its pre-built components not only speed up the process but also help to create a rich UI with unique features.


React Native’s features and benefits make it a perfect choice for cross-platform app development. Developers, consumers, and businesses prefer this framework because of its multiple benefits. It is already high-performing.  As it is growing every day, you are assured of better performance. So, if you are planning to develop a cross-platform app, opting for react native app development is one of the wise ideas.

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