Top 10+ Wearable App Development Companies

Wearable app development is becoming famous, and top wearable app development companies are already targeting their clients in providing a classic wearable experience. Smartwatches and fitness bands are becoming widely famous in the health and fitness domain, where users are more than active in recording their fitness activities. Wearable app development opens new opportunities and features for wearable devices, and entrepreneurs are searching for the top wearable app development companies. AppFirmsReview is ready with their top wearable app development agency list backed by their extensive and verified research to provide entrepreneurs an all-in-one platform to pick their best wearable app development company.


Innovation-driven software house (MOBILE, AR & XR)

4.9 (0 Reviews)

Nomtek has been delivering successful digital products since 2009, with a vision to establish a solution for startups and established companies. Further, the company is also driven by the move to deliver more customers and investors to their clients with the provided solution. Nomteck is flexible and creative with its unique approach to problems, and its team of experts continuously explores the new technologies established in the market.

Top clients: PONS,,, Switch & Co

Employees: 50 - 249

Hourly Rates: $50-$99

Min. Project amount: $50,000+

Country: Poland

Sonin App Development

Build the right thing. Deliver the right results.

4.9 (0 Reviews)

Sonin is an android mobile app development agency focusing on delivering the right thing that produces the right results. The company was established in 2008, and since then, it has been providing flexible solutions and creating robust digital products. Sony's mobile-friendly solutions create a strong impact on the mobile market, making them one of the top android companies around the world.

Top clients: FatFace, Morrisons & Schwartz, esure, The British Museum

Employees: 50 - 249

Hourly Rates: $50-$149

Min. Project amount: $50,000+

Country: United Kingdom

FreshWorks Studio

We Create Experiences, Not Just Apps

4.6 (0 Reviews)

FreshWorks Studio is an award-winning Android app development agency with multiple offices in Canada. The company is experienced in working with 500 fortune companies producing quality products on their results. FreshWorks Studio's mission is to solve problems with a unique and creative approach producing remarkable digital experience and growth. The company has been delivering its products to enterprises, startups, health, government, and other sectors.

Top clients: Intelage, IBM, CGI, PwC, Quartech

Employees: 50-249

Hourly Rates: $100-$149

Min. Project amount: $100,000+

Country: Canada

Mtraction Enterprise 

Secure, Scalable, Human-centric Experiences

4.6 (0 Reviews)

mtraction Enterprise has focused on helping companies incorporate android apps in their businesses and solve complex problems since 2005. The company is ready to assist with its flexible but powerful digital solutions from startups to giant enterprises. mTraction believes that to become a globally recognized company, providing a platform to businesses is a must where they can increase their customer engagement.

Top clients: Keppel Land, McKinsey & Company, Amazon, BookMyShow

Employees: 50 - 249

Hourly Rates:$25-$49

Min. Project amount: $25,000+

Country: Singapore


Web & Mobile Apps Development Company

4.8 (0 Reviews)

Since 2007, RichestSoft has been contributing to the world of android app development with a strong focus on clients' business growth and reputation. The company follows a handsome work culture providing unmatched digital solutions to businesses worldwide. From startups to big brands, they have contributed to custom products attracting a range of entrepreneurs. Richest soft provides a timebound and organized project completion delivery.

Top clients: ield Supply, Royal Elite Vacation Club, WireBuzz

Employees: 10- 49

Hourly Rates: $10-$25

Min. Project amount: $1,000+

Country: India

Dev Technosys


4.4 (0 Reviews)

Dev Technosys was established in 2010, and since then, it has been delivering modern technology solutions to a number of business domains. The company's vast pool of skills comprises PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Open Source, and more. Dev Technosys is known for its unique ideas and solutions to meet professional requirements with timely deliveries and dynamic client imaginations to provide the best customer satisfaction.

Top clients: Whirlpool, Nike, Handy 

Employees: 50-249

Hourly Rates: $10-$49

Min. Project amount: $1,000

Country: India


Building digital solutions for world changers

4.6 (0 Reviews)

Netguru believes in building digital products that boost client engagement. The company was founded in 2008, with a focus on providing unique solutions filled with creativity and reducing the unnecessary steps in a process. Netguru has worked with a number of clients categorizing music, language learning, bike renting, and banking. The company packs a wide range of solutions for every type of business, promoting revolutionary digital products.

Top clients: Volkswagen, OLX, Keller Williams

Employees: 250 - 999

Hourly Rates: $50-$99

Min. Project amount: $25,000+

Country: Poland

Frequently Asked Questions

Wearables are digital devices that users wear as accessories. These devices usually connect to a smartphone to exchange data between the network and the device. Wearable apps are those that receive data from such wearable devices. These devices are very helpful in our daily lives and make our life easy.

Check the prestigious company lists at a prominent platform like AppFirmsReview and start conducting the research.

  • Check their portfolio
  • Client lists
  • Team size and hiring model.

As wearables are the smart devices that carry digital data and operate digitally, there are several challenges that app developers face while developing apps for wearables. Such challenges are:

  • The constant demand for wearable apps
  • Fragmentation
  • Tethered devices
  • App Updations
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • User interface
  • Battery life
  • Speed

Choosing the right app development company takes an extensive process where all the processes can be performed extensively.

Such approaches are:

  • Choose the Mobile App Development Companies Based on Customers’ Reviews and Feedback
  • Security of the App Idea
  • Effective Delivery Management
  • App Designing Standards
  • Trusted QA and Testing Measures